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Considering Debt Relief

Bad things happen to good people; we've all been there. Being in a financial crisis is not a situation any of us want or look forward to; it just happens for one reason or another. And there will come a day when the crisis is over and normality returns. During the interim however, the struggle to get out of debt should not be compounded with daily (sometimes hourly) reminders of the situation every time the phone rings.

More difficult yet is attempting to explain your situation to a collector who, for the most part, has heard it all before and could usually care less. It is degrading and humiliating, right at a time when this is the last thing in the world you need. But there is a solution that will allow you to answer the phone without concern and get rid of the collectors without ever saying a word. First, please consider the following:

The TRUTH about collection calls:

  1. If you are seriously in debt, collectors are or will soon be calling; hiring a debt relief agency to resolve your debt will NOT end the calls anytime soon. Why? Despite the radio and TV ads, debt relief agencies need up to 3 months or more to end the calls, if at all! Is 3 months or more too long to wait for the calls to end? Here's the PROOF.
  2. You don't need your employer, friends, relatives and neighbors knowing you are in a financial crisis. If you don't answer the phone or if you screen your calls with caller ID, collectors WILL call all of them to find you.
  3. Think it is easy dealing with a collector, even if you are in a debt relief program?
    Collectors want money from YOU. If they have you on the phone, some will use whatever tactics they have to get the money NOW. And worse yet, just try to explain your situation to a collector when friends or family are present. So, how do you get the collectors to stop calling you and start negotiating with your debt relief counselor, without saying a word to the collector?

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DAAN is a product designed to end your largest fear: harassing collection calls. The DAAN system includes a home transmitter Module that ends those troubling calls to the family. 

For standard landline and computer-assisted systems like Magic Jack, Ooma, etc.

Originally (circa 2004), DAAN was developed by an attorney so consumer bankruptcy attorneys could provide their clients with that "fresh start" they promise, not weeks or months after filing bankruptcy, but the moment they got home from their first visit with their attorney. DAAN worked so well, it was adapted to solve the same problem (collection call harassment) for people who entered debt relief programs and is now available ONLY through licensed debt relief agencies.

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