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How to END Collection Calls 24 / 7
and How DAAN Works


First, you need to get serious about resolving the underlying reason for the calls...debt! Regardless of "why" you're in debt, hiring a professional to get you out of debt is probably the quickest / easiest road to silencing your phone AND becoming debt free. These professionals are generally known as "Debt Relief Agencies" and offer a variety of solutions depending upon your situation.

Do your homework! Google "Debt Relief" and READ! When you see an agency you like, call them; most will gladly give you a free, initial consult to help you decide what is best for you.

When speaking with a debt relief agent, tell them you want the DAAN until all threat of collection calls is over. They will send you a DAAN Module for unlimited use and all of the benefits of you and your family never having to deal with harassing collection calls again. Return it to your debt counselor when done; its that simple!

How It Works


  1. Simply plug the DAAN module into ANY phone jack in your home. "Click"...done!

  2. When you answer the phone and determine it is a creditor / collector, just press the star ( * ) key on whatever phone you are on, even cordless, and hang-up! Now smile and go back to dinner, watching TV or visiting with family or friends. Here's what is happening while you do:

    DAAN will automatically take over the call and discretely advise the caller that you have retained a representative to address the reason for their call. DAAN will then redirect the caller to the DAAN Call Center. DAAN also advises the caller not to call you again, after which the call is automatically terminated, all in about 30 seconds. When the collector then contacts the DAAN Call Center, the DAAN system will inform the collector that your debt relief company is now managing your debt and how to get in touch with your debt counselor to begin payment recovery. DAAN will (again) strongly (but politely) advise the caller not to call you again as that may be considered harassment per Federal and / or state law. The DAAN system also keeps a log of the creditors / collectors it refers to your debt relief company.

  3. You also should also keep a written log of the time, date and identity of the collection calls. If any caller should disobey DAAN and try to contact you in the future, DAAN will provide your counselor with a free list of attorneys in your area who have experience pursuing harassing callers, should you wish to initiate legal action under Federal and / or state laws. DAAN will also provide the attorney of your choice with any evidence DAAN has regarding the collector's initial notification of your representation.

  4. When you no longer need DAAN, simply return it as directed.

    BOTTOM LINE: Take the steps necessary to get rid of your debt and hire an agency that will not only do that FOR you, but one that cares enough about your situation to relieve you from those harassing calls...NOT in 1 month or 3 months BUT NOW!

Here are a few Debt Relief agencies that care enough to provide DAAN to their clients:













...and more!

Debt Relief WITH or WITHOUT collection calls...you decide. 

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